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Branch Teller

Today's Retail Banking market faces fierce challenge from non-banking entrants and the need to adapt rapidly to meet marketing and regulatory/compliance requirements. The sector must also revisit the branch renewal process that was neglected in the recent past when 'bricks and mortar' assets were out of favour. Over the last 3 years there has been overwhelming evidence that the branch represents an extremely valuable asset to banks in terms of customer retention and additional value added sales.

The majority of retail banking systems have moved to a two-tier structure over the last 10 years. Prior to this the branch application usually operated on terminal sessions connected to a the monolithic mainframe. The two-tier structure enables the banks to de-couple the mainframe and use standard PCs to run the front-end applications. This structure has given banks a significant cost saving as well as flexibility to meet changes in business needs. It is interesting to note that a number of new vendors entering the market over the last 2 years are actually advocating a shift back to the monolithic architecture albeit on new hardware platforms.


Our firm view is that a more cost-effective and flexible solution can be realised by using a 2-tier approach where the delivery channels are designed to leverage the maximum benefit from the current technology. Further, banks already have substantial investment in mainframe systems and the mainframe vendors are constantly moving these accounting applications to more cost-effective hardware platforms.

Our experience in working with a number of major banks over the last 10 years has shown that having cost-effective and flexible front-end systems which can connect into a number of back-end applications is the key to meeting business change and regulatory/compliance requirements. These front-end systems are implemented using IP enabled technologies and provide significant savings in terms of implementation and ongoing support. The use of browser-based technology enables the front-end system to operate with a variety of devices. The ability of the front-end system to interface with a variety of back-end systems is critical in enabling the bank to choose the best of breed mainframe application for each domain area without having to settle for inferior monolithic applications. In short, by adapting this approach, banks can achieve true business agility while delivering business results.

The key features of netvoyager Branch Teller are:

  • Very cost effective solution with thin client workstations and central server running the business rules
  • Fully encompasses all front and back office activities in a single application to enable flexible resource deployment to minimise queue lengths while maintaining productivity.
  • Ability to interface with a large variety of devices like passbook printers, cheque image scanners, PIN Pads, card readers, passbook encoders and MICR Seamlessly interfaces with a variety of backend applications like accounting systems, CRM and CIF
  • Real-time validation of items resulting in significant reduction in day 2 activities
  • Full electronic transfer of item information to backend systems to eliminate re-keying
  • Keep the branch and other channels operational during mainframe offline situations with fully featured store forward capability.
  • Provide configurable reports for compliance and Management Information System
  • Excellent mechanism for converting sales opportunities, expanding customer relationships and sign on new customers
  • Based on over 10 years of operational experience in a dynamic business environment like Euro transition and changeover.

Our developers have extensive experience and knowledge of integrating leading edge IP based front counter and back office solutions to derive additional value from legacy mainframe applications. This benefits our clients by providing leading edge solutions to create lasting customer loyalty, increased profits and distinct competitive advantage without the need to throw out the current mainframe applications. We have a successful track record of executing assignments through all stages of the project lifecycle from business requirement gathering through design, implementation and support for large branch networks.

These assignments have completed to budget and schedule while catering for numerous changes in the requirements. netvoyager has established a centre of excellence for the analysis, design and implementation of radical front and back office branch applications for small and large banks. The centre is staffed with a team that has in-depth knowledge of customer facing Teller interactions, front office devices, designing for customer throughput, variety of customer interactions (from a simple saving account enquiry to a commercial customer lodging 200 cheques on behalf of another company). Technology domain specialists who enable our clients to use leading edge IP based technology with their current legacy mainframe systems supplement this team. The team in the centre of excellence has extensive operational and procedural experience of the Euro transition. All of our financial applications are designed for multi-currency operation. We have a fully equipped hardware laboratory providing extensive operational knowledge and experience of device handling. This includes a variety of devices and their operational requirements in busy branches. In our applications all devices are controlled by business rules executing on the server regardless of the client technology (thin client or browser) to meet rigid security requirements. Examples of devices we have worked with are:

    Varied financial document printers including passbook handling
    Card readers
    Cheque readers and sorters - MICR and image scanning
    OCR and MICR readers
    PIN Pads with static, session and transaction key handling
    Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs)
    Passbook encoders
    Smart card readers

Our Branch applications (front and back office) have transformed organisations by enabling them to renew their branch operations resulting in reduced cost and enhanced service to their customers.

One such engagement included business requirement gathering, design and implementation of a flexible combined front and back office branch application for a major bank in Ireland that operates in two currency zones. The use of this application and its subsequent reuse in Account Management Centres has resulted in significant cost saving for branch operations, enhanced fee and commission calculations, verifiable branch process to regulatory and compliance requirements and significant error reduction

  • Enabled the staff to balance each branch within 5 minutes of closing resulting in increased staff productivity
  • Provided customers with same day value via electronic links to the mainframe system
  • Windows based user interface which is both intuitive and capable of high speed operation for commercial customers to ensure reduced customer queue lengths
  • Enabled significant business process changes during the Euro transition by supporting date triggered business process changes for the dual and final stages of euro currency operation.
  • Server based architecture resulting in significant reduction in software support and distribution costs
  • Leveraged the banks investment in mainframe systems

For another bank, we have designed and developed a flexible branch application for a customer who wanted to reduce the support and maintenance cost of the branch application while retaining the existing mainframe system. The other critical requirement was a unified multi-channel architecture that would support the Branch, Online and Call centre channels on the same platform. This multi-channel approach has given significant benefits in terms of development and support costs.

  • Implemented and deployed an extensive and feature rich branch application in record time
  • Reused the business rules to provide a secure and robust Online banking application to the bank in record time
  • Enabled the bank to reduce operational costs
  • Real-time interface into RFS CICS mainframe using LU6.2
  • Windows based intuitive and feature packed branch Teller application
  • Interfaced a variety of devices
  • Supported significant business processes change such as the euro transition as well as the introduction of innovative financial products
Site last updated on March 20, 2008