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Leasing Workflow Solution

netvoyager ltd offers financial services organisations the flexibility to adapt to changing market demands to provide a wider range of services to their customers.

The leasing business is an example of the range of services financial services organisations are adopting to deliver a breadth of services to the SME market.
To meet such challenges in the market place, financial services organisations must provide high quality service cost effectively to their customers, the netvoyager workflow solution achieves this to suit the specific needs of the organisation.

The key benefits of the netvoyager solution can be measured in terms of:
  • Productivity gains
  • Service level performance
  • Risk Mitigation
Productivity Gains

The netvoyager solution design targets a productivity gain of 20% to 25%. There is often a large degree of repetition in terms of data and process in manual or disjointed processes. A lack of customer information can also result in multiple and duplicate calls to the customer causing a drop in productivity and an increase in customer dissatisfaction.

The identification of an organisationís unique best practice and procedures through a netvoyager implementation ensures that the business successfully achieves expansion targets cost-effectively:
  • Processes are followed efficiently with minimal data repetition
  • Data captured once, is available in each process flow as required
  • The latency and execution time of each process stage is monitored and logged
  • This allows management to make more informed resource and training decisions
  • Providing standard forms with pre-populated data reduces the time for each processing stage
  • Generates standard documentation with the use of templates to reduce error rates and increase efficiency
Role-based work queue with search facility
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Service Levels

The netvoyager workflow solution improves the service levels offered to customers providing a range of benefits:

  • Reduce dependence on the experienced staff to deliver a quality customer service
  • Ensure processes are seamless to improve customer experience
  • Effectively manage complex lease structures
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities
To achieve these benefits, the leasing solution delivers key functionality:
  • Work with multiple leases simultaneously
  • Recall the status and data relating to any lease in progress
  • Unified customer interaction logging facility
  • Track customers with multiple leases
Form-based data capture with validation
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Risk Mitigation

The increasing demand to fulfil compliance and regulatory requirements within the financial services industry requires greater controls and management of key areas within the operation.

  • Compliance procedures followed consistently
  • Minimise operational risk
The netvoyager-based solution automates the routine data handling part of the loan origination process. This ensures that:
  • Specialized resources focus in their area of specialization and reduce error rates
  • This also allows for the addition of resources to cater for expansion without incurring additional cost and risk due to lack of operational experience
  • The accurate tracking of and the automatic time event triggered reminders ensure that all legal compliance steps are followed

Time and event based triggers for portfolio management and asset valuation process ensures processes such as tax due dates, end of lease and residuals are processed and reported in the correct time frame.

A typical netvoyager implementation includes sophisticated Management Information reports containing accurate and precise information without the need for extensive data manipulation. Such reports help to identify risk levels, regulatory compliance and financial status.

Operational risk is reduced by automating processes that can contribute to errors:
  • Manual calculations
  • Manual processing errors
  • Deal losses and reduction of profit margins
Regulatory and compliance requirements are satisfied by utilizing workflow processes effectively:
  • Automate compliance procedures into leasing workflow
  • Ensure regulatory rules can be easily updated
  • Produce compliance reporting automatically
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About netvoyager

netvoyager ltd is a dynamic software solutions provider with a proven track record in delivering mission-critical systems to blue-chip clients in Ireland, UK and the Continent. We work in partnership with our clients, to deliver secure, robust and effective technology solutions.

Further information on our products and services is available from netvoyager sales on +353 1 429 9425

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