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Software Development
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At netvoyager every implementation project is carried out using our unique VoyagerExpression  methodology. This has been nurtured, tested and proven through real life successes. It is facilitated through a robust framework and an interactive development approach where high-level requirements are gradually refined to a detailed level within a fixed time period working closely with customer representatives.

TheVoyagerExpression lifecycle has five phases:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Business study
  • Functional model iteration
  • Design and configuration iteration
  • Implementation
Feasibility study

The feasibility study assesses the suitability of a netvoyager implementation. The main indicators are framework fit, business and/or technology risks and access to business experts on the customer side.

Business study

The business study scopes the overall activity of the project and baselines the high-level business functionality and informational requirements. At this stage, we also identify any core framework enhancements that are needed to satisfy customers' needs.

Functional Model Iteration

The focus of the functional model iteration is to provide early visibility of the proposed solution by producing a rapid first-cut prototype. This forms the basis for refining the high-level requirements instead of the traditional approach using lengthy documents that can be inaccurate to begin with or misinterpreted during development phase.
We identify Ambassador users who can accurately represent the needs of the eventual users of the system. We liaise with them using physical or ‘virtual’ workshops where they can touch and feel the business process and give essential feedback that is used to refine the prototypes toward the optimum solution. Virtual workshops are extremely useful where geography or time zones limit the extent to which relevant parties can physically meet. In the virtual workshop all prototypes are available over the web.

Design and Configuration

When the customer is satisfied with the functional model, the solution is moved to the design and configuration phase. The focus here is on satisfying technical requirements, for example, performance criteria and bringing the solution to a level of completeness, that is, ready for user acceptance testing. Our own system and integration testing is ongoing throughout the iterations of this phase.


Implementation covers the transfer from the netvoyager configuration environment to the operational environment. netvoyager can provide resources during this phase to complement the customer skill sets and resources available

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