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First Active

First Active was the largest Building Society in Ireland until it de-mutualised in October 1998 to become a bank.
With assets under management of €8.3 billion and a total of €5.7 billion in customer loans and advances, First Active serves it customers through a network of 53 branches throughout Ireland.
In addition, First Active provides secured and unsecured personal loans and also a wide range of insurance and assurance products.
First Active is now a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland group.

"netvoyager provides the customer interaction platform in the branch. This allows us to quickly and
easily change functionality to meet our customer and business needs."

Paul O’Neill, former Head of IT
First Active
Reducing Systems Maintenance Costs

netvoyager’s relationship with First Active began when, as with many ‘fat client’ implementations of client / server technology, First Active wanted to reduce the costs associated with the ongoing support and maintenance of this environment across the branch network.

Rollout of upgrades to the branch system was cumbersome and time-consuming because the majority of the Teller software resided on the client causing each client PC to be upgraded individually.

netvoyager implemented a ‘thin client’ architecture with only the software components associated with the user interface resident on the client. The business logic, data layer and host connectivity components reside centrally on the branch server, significantly reducing the upgrade and configuration activities needed to install a new release. This also eases online support issues as the majority of troubleshooting can be carried out centrally by remote access to the branch server.

Empowering Business Change

As well as reducing systems maintenance costs, First Active wanted a system that was based on a standardised architecture that was flexible and responsive to change. The existing software had evolved into a largely proprietary solution with limited knowledge available internally and this was restricting the ability to respond to business change, both legislative and market-driven.

Comprehensive range of Branch Transactions

The final solution deployed for First Active delivers a wide range of branch functionality to support both front and back-office processes for a variety of account types:

  • Savings
  • Investment
  • Term Deposit
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Mortgages

Back-office Transactions

  • Nominal Account Maintenance
  • Clearing Bank Interface
  • Transactions
  • Teller Balancing
  • Vault Cash Management

Front-office Transactions

  • Cash and cheque lodgements
  • Withdrawals
  • Credit Card payments
  • Certificate of Interest Issue
  • Transfers
  • Account Closures
  • Loan and mortgage quotations
  • Loan applications and processing
  • Mortgage applications and processing

Flexible Architecture allows Business Agility

netvoyager solutions are based on an n-tier architecture model and are built using component technology. One of the core design objectives is the abstraction of technology from the business process implementation. The main core of the framework is the business logic server. This isolates all application logic and allows it to be expressed as business rules, a collection of configurable and customisable components. This combined with a ‘thin client’ layer and standardised host connectivity components, provides an environment where business changes can be introduced rapidly, securely and in a cost-effective manner.

The flexibility of the solution has already been put to the test by the on time and within budget implementation of the euro changeover in the branches. The entire Teller functionality was upgraded to take the business through all phases of euro transition with little or no disruption to the branches. The software was rolled out towards the end of 2001 after a six month project with minimum regression required on the existing software.

Partnership Approach

This was a joint project in which First Active staff was trained in the use of the framework and took part in the development. Transfer of skills was a key issue for First Active in terms of protecting their investment in the tools and technology and this is a strategy that we are happy to work with our customers on.

Feature Checklist

   Real time account enquiries and updates
    Passbook magnetic swipe and update
    Cheque and receipt printing
    PIN Pad
    Comprehensive audit trail
    Role-based menu access
    Store and forward for offline conditions
    Vault cash management
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