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Testing Solutions
The netvoyager approach to the delivery of Test Services guarantees customers a quality Test Solution without the investment normally required to establish and sustain a Testing function. netvoyager can reduce both the direct and indirect costs associated with your organisation maintaining a Test environment:
  • Testing software licence and support fees
  • Training Costs
  • Learning curve and time to productivity
  • Methodology Development
  • Policies and Procedures Development
  • Hardware Platforms and infrastructure

We offer a range of Testing Services, tailored to meet your needs in terms of budget and timeframe. Whether any investment has been made in a Test function or not, our offering is designed to complement your in-house tools and available skill-sets, recognising that changing business priorities can lead to schedule conflicts and a scarcity of trained resources.
Our goal is to partner with our customers to mitigate the risks associated with software development projects in an innovative way. The late discovery of system faults and design flaws can cause budget and time overruns and ultimately affect your good reputation. We can offer individual Test Services according to your needs or customize a package and these services can be delivered either on your site or in our own test laboratory.

Innovative Methodology

The netvoyager Test Methodology was developed by expert Test Engineers working with Application Developers, Business Analysts and Business Users with many years industry experience. The approach incorporates the market leading IBM Rational® Test Suite (optional) as well as nvTestPack, the netvoyager testing helper tools, and draws on the hands-on experience of numerous mission-critical implementations. Each step in the process is fully documented and provides you with comprehensive reports and analysis. Our services are summarized below but these can be combined or tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Automate Manual Regression Suites
  • Test Management and Consultancy
  • Load Testing
  • Functional Testing

Automate Manual Regression Suites

Regression Testing is required to ensure that faults found in the first round of testing are fixed in subsequent versions and more importantly, that the application fixes have not introduced new faults. Most companies have manual regression packs or none at all and simply rely on experience.
netvoyager has made significant investment in the development of Test Automation expertise using IBM Rational® Robot (optional) complemented by our nvTestPack tools. nvTestPack was designed to improve the cost/income ratio of our Testing Function in the delivery of mission-critical applications. It is built around standard Office tools and makes the process of developing test scenarios and bulk test data more accurate and efficient. This can save hundreds of man-hours traditionally spent in manual data-entry and analysis of test data.
nvTestPack was designed to be used by business users as well testers to feed the automation scripts for execution and analysis and ensures that regression suites can be more easily maintained in line with future system enhancements.

Test Management & Consultancy

As well as the individual Test Services described, netvoyager can provide expert Test Consultancy within your organization at a number of different levels. Test Management can be deployed to manage a specific Test project or to provide training for existing staff and help to implement a Quality Test Process covering test policies, procedures and Testing tools if required. Alternatively we can provide resources for Test Case development and execution on specific projects. Our testing expertise has been built up over many years of mission-critical implementations and we are committed to adding real value to your business by helping to minimize the risk associated with IT project implementations at a lower cost of ownership.

Load Testing

Load Testing is required to prove that your system will perform without degradation for the projected number of concurrent users, performing typical workloads over specific periods of time. Consider the demands, for instance, of an Internet Banking system available 24x7 and the potential impact on customer relations if the system response times are unacceptable in the first instance or degrade significantly at peak times. Load Testing at netvoyager utilizes an industry-leading Load Test tool and nvTestPack (handles variable length messages and responses) and is comprised of three discreet elements:

  • Performance Testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Stress Testing
The Performance test phase is the foundation for the Load Test suite and involves the following activities:
  • Project concurrent usage
  • Create Test Data and Test Environment
  • Workload Modelling
  • Test Execution and Result Analysis
  • Customer Acceptance
The Stability Test phase adjusts the workload model to repeat the performance test over an extended time period. In the final Stress Test the workload model is adjusted again to increase the number of users to an agreed threshold and perform the tests in a very tight timescale until the response times become unacceptable. This ensures that you are fully aware of the limits of the application and can manage future expansion by making the necessary software or platform upgrades.
Functional Testing

Functional Testing is usually completed manually in the first instance with test cases being derived from your Functional or Requirements Specification. This test is aimed at verifying that each part of the system functions as designed and covers the major paths through the system. nvTestPack provides standard GUI tests and guides to assist in producing Functional tests, including negative and boundary testing to identify any areas of weakness and provoke exception conditions to ensure that they are handled. Where software is being developed in a phased approach or where multiple versions are planned, significant gains can be made by automation of the functional tests such that they can be re-run. nvTestPack supports this approach, without the same investment of time and effort on subsequent versions. netvoyager can offer you a Functional Test team or we can provide experience in setting up or enhancing your Functional Testing approach.

Site last updated on March 20, 2008