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Indepth knowledge and experience

The key to success for any company depends heavily on the strength, depth and experience of its management team. The management team at netvoyager is based on people who have extensive knowledge of the domain area.


Chief Executive Officer

Dakshesh has been actively involved in the software development of financial applications over the last 20 years. Prior to netvoyager, Dakshesh worked for ICL and Unisys, he also managed a software development company.

Under his guidance the company undertook and successfully completed a number of diverse software projects, ranging from aircraft avionics to retail banking. His specialist area is in the conception and development of software components using object-oriented techniques. These components form the basis of applications that solve specific business issues. He has extensive knowledge in emerging software development technology and methodologies.

Combined with a detailed knowledge of financial services, his goal is the application of software technology to solve business issues. Dakshesh was co-founder and technical architect behind the development of netvoyager and project implementation success. Dakshesh has a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

Chief Technology Officer

Niall Walsh is the Chief Technology Officer. He is a university graduate with an honours degree in Engineering and has over 16 years experience in the IT industry, 10 of these years in the Financial Processing sector.

Prior to joining netvoyager, he worked for 7 years with Siemens in Germany implementing Financial Processing Systems and Database applications. Since joining netvoyager in 1996 he has worked on a variety of Retail Delivery projects as a designer and developer.

His specialist area is in the design and implementation of C++ based systems. He was a key figure in the design of the new netvoyager based Architecture. He has extensive experience in both the UNIX and MS-Windows domains. He is fully familiar with all the new emerging technologies and this knowledge has helped in the design of the new architecture. In addition to his strong technical knowledge, Niall has worked closely with all netvoyager’s major customers in advising them on their business requirements. His ability to understand both the business and technical requirements is of great benefit when developing new applications.

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