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Regulatory Compliance

The current regulation of the financial services industry is putting the focus firmly on compliance management and training. Banks and financial services organisations are increasingly required to provide evidence of compliance and training to show staff competency in operational and customer service areas.

netvoyager offers a flexible solution to enable organisations to fulfil their regulatory requirements.

netvoyager compliance management tools offer a dynamic business rule driven solution that interacts with existing systems. It provides an organisation with the agility to react to changing regulatory requirements cost effectively and ensure the organisation continues to be compliant.

Throughout Europe, ongoing legislation will mean an increasing burden of regulatory controls, which will broaden the responsibilities of the compliance function as well as putting the focus clearly on regulatory risk management. In real terms, this means ensuring that appropriate training and procedures are available to staff across all areas of the business from sales of products and services to back-office and centralised processing and reporting. An organisation must ensure, and be able to prove, that members of staff comply with procedures. The availability of accurate, up-to-date information and the provision of training are vital in achieving this. netvoyager offers a flexible solution to enable organisations fulfil their regulatory requirements in two key areas:

  • Compliance management: scripting and workflow solution that can be easily adapted by business users to suit the changing demands of the business
  • Training management: maintenance of training and qualification records, online learning and staff assessment
Regulatory Management

The key objectives of Regulatory Management are to help the firm anticipate and plan for changes in regulations and to act as a central repository for all information on rules, codes and business practices and ensure dissemination to all appropriate people in the organisation. The challenge for an institution is to achieve these goals whilst at the same time performing profitably by maintaining and improving customer service levels.

netvoyager Compliance Management

netvoyager offers a dynamic, compliance management tool with the ability to integrate specific workflow and business rules with existing operational and legacy systems. It offers your business the agility to react quickly to changing regulatory requirements and ensure that the organisation continues to be compliant in a cost-effective manner. In practical terms it allows the individual business units to set and update procedures and compliance tests and, amend wording on reports quickly and easily according to regulations and internal policies. To ensure such a solution is cost effective for the organisation, the application acts as a front-end to existing systems and may be configured from the centre to maintain information such as compliance test content and sales scripts.

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