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Web-based Document Management
Integrated Management of Information Assets

netvoyagerís Integrated Document Management Solution provides a cost effective way to meet an organisationís need to ensure better business decisions are made on the basis of accessible information.

Many organizations today will agree that a significant percentage of company information is comprised of an array of document types scattered across the company network. As this largely unstructured information base continues to proliferate, workers spend more time and effort trying to access and manage information. This can lead to frustration and more importantly, reduced productivity.

Many off the shelf Document Management products simply do not address the need to provide an integrated approach that allows organisations to share information across all information repositories both new and legacy. Integration is a core component of all netvoyager solutions that we can implement quickly and cost-effectively. This is why our clients choose us above a package approach.

Increasing Demand for Information Management

In todayís climate of increasing audit, compliance and regulation, organisations are under more pressure than ever before to implement regulations and report on compliance. A document management system can support both the compliance and reporting aspects of regulation by providing a secure, structured and centralised approach to managing information such as:

  • Company policy statements and quality procedures. Ensure staff have easy access to up-to-date policies and procedures to reduce the risk of non-compliance.
  • A central repository of standard forms that is up to date with current products and services, contributes to improved customer services and compliant processes.
  • Controlled access to documents by user group ensures that staff are more likely to pay attention to documents that are relevant to them and it ensures they are not bombarded with irrelevant information.
  • The labour-intensive process of internal compliance and quality reporting can be made more efficient by allowing staff to download self-test templates and upload completed tests securely to a centralised repository.
Internet Technology Leads the Way

Traditionally, one of the main challenges in implementing an organisation-wide information management strategy was the need to standardise on a particular networking environment e.g. Windows or Macintosh and the costs and upheaval associated with this.

With the availability of the Internet and associated Browser technologies we now have a ubiquitous networking environment. This allows common access and standardised views to users of all types of internal desktop environments as well as remote users. These company intranets and extranets provide the perfect platform for an efficient approach to Document Management.

The netvoyager Approach

Having proved the netvoyager Internet Platform in Online Banking and e-commerce, netvoyager applied the same underlying technology to deliver an Intranet Document Management Solution. This feature-rich solution incorporates the same essential design principles of an Internet application to provide:

  • Effective security levels for internal and external users.
  • Performance and scalability to ensure the system can develop as the organisation changes.
  • Web browser support.
  • Full audit trail of access to and actions within the system.
  • Administrative features for user and group management.
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Feature-rich Document Management

netvoyager has built a robust document management solution on its proven Internet platform that incorporates the key features required for document management:

  • Central repository for controlled document storage and review.
  • Administration function to manage user groups and document categories.
  • Secure access via company intranet.
  • Option to grant access to external users via an extranet.
  • Document versions and history maintained.
  • Document effective dates.
  • Flexible search options by department, category, version or effective date.
  • Ability to subscribe to a document and receive email alerts when it is updated.
  • Option to scan documents.
  • Support for standard document types e.g. Word, Excel, PDF and many more.
  • Full audit trail of activity.

Future upgrades will continue to enhance the functionality to take advantage of maturing technologies and to meet evolving customer needs.

About netvoyager

netvoyager ltd is a dynamic software solutions provider with a proven track record in delivering mission-critical systems to blue-chip corporate, SME and public sector clients.

The netvoyager team is experienced in delivering support excellence and specialised guidance to our customer base throughout Europe. Telephone support is available outside normal working hours, providing expert advice and rapid issue resolution. Services offered include:

  • Telephone support, call logging, response monitoring.
  • Onsite support.
  • Training and mentoring.
  • Post-implementation support.
  • Documentation.

The netvoyager component software underpins our full range of products, this is regularly maintained and updated to ensure reliable performance and cost effective future-proofed solutions to guarantee peace of mind.

For more information on how netvoyager can help your organisation with document management solutions contact our sales office on: +353 1 4299425

  • Secure access via intranet or extranet<
  • Seamless integration to all information repositories
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Company message board
  • Central document repository
  • Load a variety of formats of electronic documents
  • Scanning option
  • User and Group Management
  • Category Management
  • Versioning and effective date
  • Audit Trails
  • Email Alerts
Site last updated on March 20, 2008