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The International Marketplace

netvoyager offers a comprehensive set of e-commerce modules to enable businesses to trade with customers and suppliers in any country, in any language and currency.

The product catalogue and cross reference facilities provide a better customer experience allowing users to locate the required products and buy items more efficiently.

The netvoyager e-commerce platform is able to recognise a user by their user settings and tailor the display accordingly.

Make e-commerce work in your organization

netvoyager provides a structured assessment of your business to establish how to make the most of your investment in the technology.

netvoyager designs an approach that will get measurable results to meet your business needs and your budget.

Better Average Order Values

The netvoyager product catalogue has a cross-selling and up-selling engine built-in, by displaying ‘quick picks ’and ‘special offers ’on the basket page, average order values are increased considerably. The average number of items placed in a single order also jumps significantly.

Building Customer Loyalty

Gaining customer confidence is the best way to create loyalty. netvoyager has built-in functionality that allows an e-commerce site to set up a cross-referenced products data-base so customers can use their own reference codes and provide system to system integration to improve the lifetime value of your customers.

The Business Benefits

netvoyager ’s e-commerce platform is a fully customisable solution that is built on proven and robust technology. It is optimised to provide your organization with the best return for your investment and provides an effective solution for your customers or suppliers.

  • Rapid deployment –within four to six weeks (depending the integration requirements)
  • Enhanced customer experience –platform designed for maximum online sales
  • Full 360 degree offering – from one organisation providing a selling and buying e-commerce platform

netvoyager has a decade of experience in developing e-commerce solutions

  • Robust and scalable application –based on an n-tiered Microsoft platform, will automatically scaleto support increased transaction and user volumes
  • Customisable –the look and feel is separated from the underlying business logic allowing full customisation of the user experience
  • Future-proofed solution – positioned to take advantage of web-based technology improvements without reinvestment
Site last updated on March 20, 2008