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CAPITAL G Bank in Bermuda selected netvoyager to implement a new Teller system that would support key functions for the bank:

  • Flexibility to implement unique business rules as prescribed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.
  • Provide a seamless interface to the incumbent Retail accounting system, Horizon from Fidelity (previously ALLTEL).
  • Scalability to support its planned growth and expansion.

"I have rarely had the opportunity to work with a team as committed and focused on delivery as those at
netvoyager. When issues arise - as they invariably do in any software development project - these people
will literally work day and night to ensure resolution is achieved and deadlines are met: they always find
a solution."

Robert Morgan, Senior Vice President
Project Management & Business Analysis, CAPITAL G Bank

Low risk Software Development

netvoyager implemented the unique aspects of the Capital G business without the risk of a standard bespoke software development. Many Teller software products could not offer this flexibility and would force CAPITAL G to change their business process to suit the software, leaving many unique elements outside the Teller system.

Some of the key features of the netvoyager CAPITAL G Teller system include:

  • Automated compliance with local monetary authority rules and anti-money laundering regulations
  • Calculation and application of Foreign Currency Purchase Tax, unique to Bermuda, across monetary transactions
  • Dual currency support for US and Bermuda dollars on all transactions
  • Comprehensive local and remote supervisor authorisation/overrides
  • Zoning of overrides to target supervisors in different physical locations
  • Interface to Fidelity Horizon back-end accounting system.

CAPITAL G were also keen to maintain much of the system configuration data themselves so the application contains a System Administration module to manage the maintenance of account types, users, overrides, cash limits etc.

Evolving Business Requirements

CAPITAL G wanted to implement a Teller platform that would meet the requirements of existing operational procedures as well as supporting business expansion and process improvements.

netvoyager used a collaborative workshop-based approach to exploring and gathering the business requirements with key business users.

Through rapid prototyping, the business users (Tellers and Supervisors) were able to visualize the enhanced processes in software prototypes that would evolve into the final application. The prototypes as well as the documentation of the requirements were revised in an iterative approach to converge to the optimum solution.

This approach expects and plans for change and is made possible by the flexibility of the netvoyager technology framework that supports fast and cost-effective process change. Even significant changes that were requested later on in the development cycle were accommodated quickly and efficiently without requiring a system re-write.

Connectivity Made Easy

In parallel to the business requirements workshops, the technical team addressed the connectivity to the Horizon accounting system. This is a proprietary system but by using the published interface specification, netvoyager were able to develop the specific message sets required using the framework’s host connectivity components. These components encapsulate configurable message sets and support a wide range of transport protocols. The protocol used at CAPITAL G is TCP/IP.

As a result, the new Teller system seamlessly integrated to the accounting system and enabled the implementation of sophisticated features such as:

  • Special account alerts automatically presented to Tellers during counter transactions
  • Ability to apply varied cheque hold rules
  • Ability to implement complex validation rules on the Teller transactions depending on account types
  • Ability to check balances online.

Partnership for the future

Cutover to the netvoyager Teller system was completed in Q1 2005. Once in place, there were many enhancements in the pipeline including extensions for full Foreign Exchange processing that will require new Teller transactions as well as Treasury and Finance components with interface to SWIFT.

About Capital G

CAPITAL G Bank Limited is Bermuda's newest bank - one of only four licensed banks - and in 2001 was the first company to be licensed under the 1999 Bank and Deposit Taking Act.

Although newly licenced, CAPITAL G Bank Limited has more than 60 years of banking and lending experience in Bermuda. Products and services are tailored to clients' specific savings and borrowing needs. A specialist in deposit and loan products, CAPITAL G Bank Limited offers savings and deposit products in both Bermuda and U.S. currencies.

Feature Checklist

   Multi-currency Teller transactions
    Support for anti-money laundering rules
    Role-based menu access
    Local and remote supervisor overrides
    Targeted supervisor overrides
    MICR cheque reading
    Credit Card swipe
    Draft and receipt printing
    Error correct facility
    Comprehensive Audit Trail
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