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One Team, Many Locations

netvoyager’s range of Team Activity Management solutions are designed to manage and support team-based activity across a variety of working environments and business processes.

Teams can consist of workers within the same organisation located in different offices or those who are teleworking. Teams may also include external parties on different computer networks that need to contribute to a business process.

Traditionally such business processes become centralised with a core team of administrators responsible for managing the process, taking manual forms and instructions from the remote parties. This often requires extra head count to manage the workload centrally within acceptable timeframes and service levels.

Internet Technology Leads the Way

So how can you implement efficient processes across a distributed team without incurring significant infrastructure or staff costs?

The answer is using the Internet and netvoyager’s secure web-based technology solutions. Whether a team is based within the same office, remote offices, home or other partner organisations, netvoyager provides a secure and robust processing solution designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

With the availability of the Internet and associated Browser technologies we now have a ubiquitous networking environment. This allows common access and standardised views to users of all types of internal desktop environments as well as remote users. These company intranets and extranets provide the perfect platform for an efficient approach to managing team activities.

Many Activities, One Solution

The netvoyager Internet Platform has been proven in secure Online Banking and e-commerce environments. netvoyager is now working with organisations in other sectors such as Government to apply the same underlying technology to deliver a range of team activity management solutions.

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The business processes implemented using netvoyager Team Activity Management can vary significantly but they possess similar characteristics that make netvoyager the ideal choice for implementation:

  • De-centralised case processing or information management.
  • Distributed process workflow.
  • Dissemination of information according to user groups and privileges.
  • Web-based form filling and information capture.
  • Online reports and queries.
  • Performance and scalability to ensure the system can develop as the user community grows.
  • Full audit trail of access to and actions within the system.
  • Administrative features for user and group management.
Case Study:
Partnership Funding in the Health Service Executive

netvoyager is currently deploying a Team Activity Management Solution for the Public Body responsible for funding partnership initiatives within the HSE.

The existing funding activity process was heavily centralised, managed by a team of administrators. Paper forms were used to gather funding applications and report on quarterly financial spending, achievement of objectives, learning points etc. These forms were completed by facilitators working in the HSE agencies and then input to a central Access database by the administrators.

The core objective of the project was to de-centralise the data capture and reporting into a distributed workflow process. This workflow allows information to be captured at source from the remote agencies via a secure Internet link. It also provides an automated review/approval workflow and management reporting function to the administrators.

A secondary objective was to provide a knowledge base for partnership initiatives that would allow interested parties to review information on previous initiatives and access associated documents. Therefore the solution also includes a query tool and document upload and storage facility.

For more information on how netvoyager can help your organisation with team activity management solutions contact our sales office

  • De-centralised application form capture and quarterly reporting process.
  • Central review and approval workflow.
  • Automated preparation of formatted documents in MS Word.
  • Email alerts for item status changes e.g. new application or application rejected.
  • Flexible Management Reporting.
  • Knowledge base and query tool.
  • Document upload and storage in central repository.
  • Multi-level access privileges.
  • Secure access via Internet login.
  • Full audit trail of activity.
Site last updated on March 20, 2008