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Products & Sevices

netvoyager offers a range of solutions for core banking functions that allow financial organisations to utilise their investment in existing systems whilst providing the ability to increase control and the consistency over their operations. With over a decade of experience working in the retail banking sector, netvoyager has established a strong reputation for design and delivery of banking solutions. The netvoyager range of products and services span the range of banking operations:

1. Branch Teller
2. Online Banking
3. Foreign Draft & Remittance Processing
4. Compliance Training & Management
5. Dynamic Workflow Solutions

Branch Teller

Software to enhance branch teller systems delivers significant benefits in productivity, sales, and process efficiency through improved accuracy of transactions performed in branches.

netvoyager supports the ongoing demand for regulatory compliance and security with comprehensive user access control and administration, audit trail and management reporting.

Delivers tangible results to reduce the processing time of repetitive procedures. Clients have achieved an 80% reduction in the time taken to balance cash in branches.

No matter how complex the branch process requirements may be, netvoyager provides guided transactions to ensure correct procedures and fees or commission are applied based on effective use of business rules .

Innovation and integration
Organisations can introduce new services and processes unhindered by the constraints of existing systems.
netvoyager provides real-time integration to core banking systems to ensure accurate, up to the minute information.The netvoyager Teller application is optimised to meet the specific requirements of the organisation to ensure the solution is secure, robust and easy to use.
Integration with third party applications such as CRM ensures the effective use of existing systems investments.

Online Banking

Delivers a range of sophisticated online services to the customer whilst keeping down the cost of ownership. This is aimed at diverting low value transactions away from the more costly branch and call centre channels. This has put the focus firmly on the internet to deliver the same service at lower cost.

Achieve cost-effective implementation of high-volume customer queries such as account transfers, balance enquiries and bill payments.
Provide a sophisticated online service to customers with consolidated account views across the full range of financial services including current and savings accounts, loans, mortgages and investment accounts.

Reduce head office administration costs by allowing customers to set up direct debits, standing orders and third party fund transfers online.
Customer security is guaranteed by the highest level of administration functionality including anti-intrusion security, administrator access control, verification of registered users in call centres, automatic generation of authorisation letters and secure PIN docket printing.

Foreign Draft and Remittance Processing

Delivers integrated end-to-end processing of foreign drafts to minimise errors and improve accuracy and efficiency. The solution puts greater control and accuracy at the forefront of the processing of foreign drafts across the organisation, ensuring specialists in the organisation have the correct information available to complete transactions swiftly and cost effectively. Full audit controls to ensure correct procedures are followed. Automatic verification of transaction details to improve accuracy. Transaction tracking between branch and central clearing reduces manual rework. Automated links to inter-bank funds transfer systems such as SWIFT reduce re-input of data.

Accurate and verifiable multi rate transactions, pre booked rates and commission calculations allows tellers to deal with customers at the point of contact. This provides a fast and efficient service with minimal overheads whilst meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

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